Alkaia Aurelius

Pathorian human warlord


Alkaia is a Pathorian prefect who’s presence in Concordia can be owed to military obligations. Suffering from a weakness in one leg that left her considered invalid in her early years, her interests were mostly involved in the world of academia. Reveling in Pathoria’s rich history, she would eventually take up the mantle of an architect engineer, seeing it as a route through which to serve her beloved province with the thing she viewed to be her largest asset; her mind.

She would eventually hop careers towards the role of an officer in the legion after finding herself to be capable of the physical demands required. Revelling in the high stakes challenge and rewards of her profession as well as the respect that came with it, she would serve two tours in defense of Pathoria’s traditions. Now growing older, she viewed the opportunity to visit Concordia as a pleasant one indeed; a chance to get out of the endless paperwork and the lull of action that she had fallen into in more recent years.

Alkaia Aurelius

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