Reina Greyleaf

Lofwyrran elven fighter


Reina only remembers fragments of her life with her birth parents while the rest of her past was told to her by her current master. Her parents were both Lofwyr elves and they had tried to make a decent living. However, their landlord in one of the few complexes that would accept elves was fairly unforgiving on rent. Between the inability to obtain a good paying position and the unrealistic increases in rent, the landlord eventually took everything they owned. When they tried to argue, he had them arrested. The family was split and placed in indentured servitude. A good bit of Reina’s early childhood was spent in stocks with random elven slaves. It was only when Harold Nothrich, a strong politician in the Imperium, happened to buy her to be a child servant for his only son, Maxwell, that she feels her life truly began. Maxwell gave her the name Reina and she has answered to it since.

At first, Maxwell treated Reina like an inanimate object at worst and a simple servant at best. He never harmed her but he saw no reason to treat her like a normal person either. She was just there to take his orders and look pretty. Despite the lack of attention, Reina was happy enough to get out of the slave auctions that she could put up with it. She always strived to follow her new master’s orders. This continued until Maxwell turned 10 while Reina was 14 (but short enough that people thought she was as young as Max). Maxwell was always more intelligent than many suspected. He enjoyed challenging books and often studied on his own. One time in the middle of private study in his own room, he wanted Reina to fetch him a book from his family’s library while he continued working. Reina tried to do as she was asked but two human guards barred her path, mocking her that an elf didn’t need anything from the library. When she tried to explain that she was sent by her master, they just laughed and tried to shove her away. To this day, Reina’s not quite sure why she did what she did. She reasons the fear of being sent back to slave auctions for failing to do her duty outweighed her fear of the guards. The young elf darted past the guards and into the library, she grasped the book her master wanted and fled as fast as she could. However, she wasn’t quite fast enough as one guard cut her on her leg with his sword. She collapsed mere feet from Maxwell’s room and curled up into a ball on the floor as the guards proceeded to beat her. Maxwell was pulled out of his room by the noise and immediately commanded that the guards stop. The men gave Reina a few more swift kicks before finally relenting. Even through the abuse, she had a vice grip on the book in her hands. When Maxwell told them that he sent her on this task, they laughed at first thinking it was a joke. They mockingly told Maxwell to return the thick book when he was done looking at the pictures and returned to their post. When Maxwell turned of age to inherent his father’s home and workers, the first thing he did was fire these two guards and attempted to bar them from any decent paying position. Seeing Reina badly bruised because of his simple request was an eye-opener for the young boy. When she tried to hand him the book she nearly got herself killed over, the guilt was overwhelming.

Maxwell started to treat Reina better. He asked how she was feeling and often shared his books with her. Even when the information seemed to go over Reina’s head, he never mocked or belittled her. This new attitude started to shift towards the other elves within the household. While his father and mother would yell at them for making mistakes, he would forgive them. Still, Reina was clearly his favorite. As for her part, she was a little surprised to see a human actually care about her well being. The day that truly tested the bond was the day one of Harold’s enemies decided to hire a group of assassins to kill the Nothrich family. The attack occurred at night.. Maxwell, 14 at the time, was about to dismiss Reina for the evening when the sounds of battle echoed through the halls. The two youths tried to block the door but a guard and an assassin tumbled in fighting one another. The guard badly bloodied the assassin before he was finally killed. The invader identified Maxwell and commented with glee that he got the honor of slaying Harold’s pride and joy. The assassin decided to have a bit of fun and pinned Maxwell against a wall in order to choke the boy to death. He would have succeeded if Reina hadn’t picked up the dead guard’s sword and used it to stab him in the back. Shocked at what she had done, she dropped the weapon immediately. Hesitantly, Maxwell picked up the weapon and poked the dead body with the sword to make sure. When the house guards came around, Maxwell was breathing deeply over the body of the dead intruder. They assumed the boy had defended himself from the assailant. Although the assassins failed to kill Harold or Maxwell, they did manage to kill his mother before being cut down. In the whirlwind of emotions Harold felt, he decided to hire weapon masters to tutor his son in combat.

Maxwell tried repeatedly to tell everyone the truth but Harold believed he was trying to find excuses to get out of combat lessons. The young boy had enough of his servant, friend and savior being utterly ignored. Reina was honestly touched by how hard he was trying to give her credit. He constantly told her that she was the one who should be getting the lessons and praise. So, he decided to do the next best thing. He often brought Reina with him to provide water after training. Truthfully, he told her to watch the lesson and later the two of them would practice in secret. The young boy found the mandatory combat more bearable with Reina at his side. While he did improve enough to defend himself, Reina seemed to excel at it. If it wasn’t lessons, it was the idea of marriage. Harold feared that his boy would be unprepared for the future and wanted to ensure he could take care of himself and maintain the family line. Just like with melee training, Maxwell found ways to make his courtship more interesting. He convinced Reina to play the clumsy maid and intentionally cause trouble for any would be maiden. As far as he was concerned, any woman who didn’t have a single ounce of grace even when embarrassed wasn’t worth his time. He rejected several women when they started shrieking and threatening Reina. Only one, Nadia Sennen, not only kept her cool but actively asked if Reina was well. Although a part of Reina had hoped Maxwell might consider her for a potential lover, she was willing to consider Nadia a worthy alternative. She was a naturally kind and caring woman whom believed the noble were born to be examples to the commoners. It was a rare ideal and one Maxwell found irresistible. Even Reina though jealous at times, admitted that Nadia was the best human to be Maxwell’s bride.

Maxwell’s game didn’t go over well with everyone. Vivian Baxtor was one of those people. She had come to Maxwell for the sake of courtship but left with food all over her dress thanks to his ‘clumsy elf’ and when she tried to court him again, he rebuffed her. Furious, she told her hot-headed older brother, Colin, and he challenged Maxwell to a duel for her honor. A new plot formed in Maxwell’s head as he chose Reina to be his champion for the duel. Colin was caught off guard but accepted on the grounds that he could kill her when he won. Reina fought with a ferocity that the noble was not expecting and Colin lost the duel. Maxwell ordered Reina to spare Colin’s life. Infuriated, Colin convinced many of his friends to fight duels against Maxwell. Each time, Reina was chosen as a champion and beat them. Word started to spread of the elven servant who could wield a sword as good as any man. Although Maxwell was having a grand time watching these boys make fools of themselves, he was also studying their fighting style and conversing with Reina about possible counter-measures. After Colin’s fifth failure to beat Reina, he demanded that Maxwell stop hiding behind his pet elf and face him like a man. When Maxwell and Colin dueled, Maxwell used all his knowledge of Colin’s previous fights against him and soundly won. All the respect Colin had earned among his peers evaporated.

When his father finally retired from politics, Maxwell took it upon himself to enter the field. He was charismatic and a family man. Many of those who once put their support behind the Baxter family turned to Maxwell. Although he knew equality for the elves would never happen in his lifetime, he did work to make things slightly better for them. He raised Reina up as an example of what a well-trained elf can accomplish if not constantly pushed down into the mud. On the side, he pushed for her citizenship and researched her birth family’s whereabouts as best he could. He was able to tell Reina her last name. He also knows her true given name but she asked him not to tell her since she loved Reina better anyway. Although Colin was shamed, he wasn’t beat by a long shot. He entered the political ring as well and continued to feud with Maxwell on everything to the point that many were calling him childish. When the diplomatic entourage was formed, Colin was the one that suggested Maxwell send Reina if he was so confident in her abilities. He and other rivals of the open-minded Maxwell secretly hopes that the hostile environment will get the elf killed. Maxwell gave his approval and stated how much he would look forward to proving his point.

Reina Greyleaf

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