Sophia Aranae

Minosan tiefling mage


It is often theorized that the only thing that seperates man from the likes of a simple animal is that of the mind. What becomes of him then, should you strip that away? It is Sophia’s firm belief that any fool can swing a sword; true conquest begins by claiming an opponent’s very independence. Even the most resilient of foes often find themselves dancing to her whims, the most stalwart of minds becoming inconsequential as her puppetmaster’s strings seize limbs and freedoms alike. It was this dreadful art that came naturally to her; a testament to fine breeding and supernaturally touched blood.

A careful strategist and one often known for taking multiple contingencies, being caught up in the war against Sollanis was no mere fluke. Viewing the siege as an ample opportunity to seize both connections and debts to her house, she seemed all but poised to strike a strategic victory; one that would ideally end the war with her own name glorified.

Sophia Aranae

Pax Lumanum Andante